Welcome to the first major redesign of the Panda Consulting website in close to ten years.  With this redesign, we hope to be able to better communicate with you and more readily share our ideas and findings with you.

In addition to restructuring the web content and using a template that is "adaptive" in nature to whatever type of device you are using to consume this content, we are also beginning a blog on which we will share our findings, thoughts and insights.

We plan on beginning a series of blogs directly related to the ESRI Parcel Fabric, its structure, problems and resolutions you might use during the conversion of your existing data into the Parcel Fabric, and insights into the best practices for integrating the Parcel Fabric into your organization.

We have been using the Parcel Fabric now for several years and helped dozens of clients make this transition and discovered what works and what still needs some work and, hopefully, you will find something in these posts to help you on your journey.

Let's get started.