Parcel Fabric Training Options

Panda Consulting is pleased to announce the immediate availability of both traditional on-site and on-line Parcel Fabric Training.  The traditional on-site Parcel Fabric training is being offered in association with Rok Technologies of Charleston, South Carolina on March 18 - 20, 2014 and more details available here. Seats are still available so act quickly. 

If you cannot make this training and are still interested in traditional on-site training, please use the form below and contact us so we can provide cost and scheduling options.

The on-line training is flexible in its scheduling and can be customized to work around your schedule. This on-line training alleviates the need for travel expenses and time out of the office and is delivered directly to your computer over several sessions.  

Training Content

The content included in this course is identical to our 3 day on-site training course listed here:

Session One covers the fundamentals of the Parcel Fabric structure and its inner workings. During Session One, we examine how the various components fit together and help to maintain information critical to Parcel Mapping. We will look at the points, lines, polygon and control sublayers and the ways in which we control the location and accuracy of the parcels. We also include a review of associated layers an applying least squares adjustments to the Parcel Fabric. 

Session Two examines your existing parcel data structure and we develop a Parcel Fabric design that can maintain your current information while taking advantage of the Parcel Fabric. We develop a staging geodatabase and process to convert your data and convert a portion of your data into this structure. By the end of Session Two, you will gain a good understanding of the transition process and be able to begin the conversion at your site.

Session Three delves into the daily workflow of using the Parcel Fabric for parcel maintenance. We review how to best implement a Parcel Fabric while continuing to maintain your existing systems serving maps to the general public and other Departments. We also review and perform parcel maintenance workflows using the Parcel Fabric maintenance tools, helping you understand when, and why you would use each tool..

Unique to this training is the option for differing structures. You can choose between having other people attend the class with you, or having only you (and your colleagues) attend the class.

Workgroup Training

With workgroup training, we wait until there are between four and six students registerd to attend. The content is identical, but, during the second session when conversion into the Parcel Fabric takes place, we use one of the attendees data sets and complete the conversion and other attendees can either work on their own data or watch the conversion of the one attendee's data. While every effort is made to convert as much of the existing data as possible, there is no guarantee that every attendee will complete the conversion.

One - on - One Training

One - on - One training is provided to a single agency and focusses on both teaching the fundamentals and new work procedures, but one - on - one training also ensures that you get your data converted correctly into the ArcGIS Parcel Editing Solution (formerly known as the Parcel Fabric).

For more information on any of these training options, send us a not sung the form below.

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