Panda Consulting and GISinc Team up to provide complete local government solution.

Panda Consulting; a professional services firm specializing in complete consulting services to help local governments understand the maintenance and integration of the Parcel Fabric within the Local Government Information Model is pleased to announce its partnership with Geographic Information Services, Incorporated (GISinc), a GIS service company. The partnership complements the core services local governments have for land records management.  Panda Consulting sees this partnership as a highly synergistic solution for local governments to extend their foundational layer of business as it pertains to parcels.  

“Panda Consulting and Frank Conkling, its Owner, have been long established thought leaders in parcel fabric; complementing GISinc’s expertise in helping local governments implement the Web GIS pattern. Through our new partnership, we are now able to offer a total land records solution - 100% out of the box, configuration of the platform", Kevin Stewart, Managing Partner, State and Local Governments.

Panda Consulting provides complete conversion services of all data structures from CAD files, coverages, simple features and topologically integrated feature classes into the Parcel Fabric, complete training services in order for mappers to understand the Parcel Fabric and how to, most efficiently, implement the solution.  Panda Consulting also provides maintenance services to maintain parcels in either the short or long term. 

“We are so pleased to be able to team up with GISinc to provide our clients with a full solution to all their GIS needs.  I have known GISinc for many years and always been impressed by the quality of their people together with the diligence and attention to details they bring to every client”, Frank Conkling, Owner, Panda Consulting.

Panda Consulting, in its 19th year of helping its clients understand how to best utilize GIS technology for managing Land Records, is located in South Florida and brings the expertise of surveyors and GIS experts to our clients in all parts of the United States.  For more information, please visit or call (561) 691-3277.

GISinc, celebrating 25 years in GIS, is an employee-owned company located in Birmingham, Alabama, with offices throughout the United States. GISinc has a passion for delivering customer driven location technology solutions to federal, state and local governments, and commercial organizations.  For more information, please visit, or call (205) 941-0442.