Panda Consulting turns 20 years old

Twenty years ago, I formed Panda Consulting with only a vague idea of what we were going to be and stand for as a company. I knew that I wanted to create something that helped others and would be an instrument of service, that we wanted to share with others our knowledge and understanding, and somehow, in our own small way, work towards a better, more informed world.

Having worked for a non-profit for so long, I already understood that in order to make real, meaningful change for the better, whether in organizations or people, you must understand their needs, their aspirations and their challenges. I also knew that we would stand for something important and be guided to enrich the lives of those people we encounter and help. 

Since that day, we have been lucky enough to serve a multitude of people, organizations and causes and we are thankful for each and every one of them. We are constantly working hard to serve each and every one of them and help them find success.

We are driven by the belief that our success is measured not in the number of projects that we help others with, nor the number of employees we might have, but our success is derived by the lasting impact we have upon others, our communities and our environment. 

Panda Consulting is here to stay and, as we move into the future and start to assemble the next generation of leaders in Panda Consulting helping to mentor future leaders, we reaffirm for ourselves and others the following guidelines:

The Panda Way

The real measure of our success is our Client's success.

We will always put the Client's needs above our own.

We will bring understanding to others.

Once you agree to do the work, we do the work.

We will learn from each experience and share those insights with others.

We will create a working environment that helps team members grow to the highest potential.

We will cultivate the culture of learning.

We will understand the project before you start and ensure that the Client has trust in our work.

We can, and will,  always strive to do better.

Thank you to everyone who has trusted in Panda Consulting over the years for allowing us to help you in your work and we look forward to continuing to help you and others well into the future.


Happy Holidays

We at Panda Consulting wish you and yours the brightest of Holidays and a sincere hope that we all have a Joyous, Healthful and Happy New Year.

It has been a while since I have posted anything to our blog - we have been very busy this year and I was not able to share as much as I had hoped.  To review some of the projects on which we have been able to help our Clients, please head over to our Projects page for a quick view.

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.