What is Panda Consulting?

Panda Consulting is a different type of consulting firm. We believe our success is measured not by the number of employees, clients or contracts we accumulate; rather, our success is measured by your success. It is our goal to make each and every one of our clients look good. 

It's not about us, it's about you. 

This philosophy carries through every project in which we engage; whether conducting training, helping you envision how to proceed with a project, or showing you how to apply best practices on an existing project. It is always about helping you succeed. 

We hope that after exploring the information about Panda Consulting, you will come away with a greater sense of how we differ from other companies. 

ESRI Business Partner 

In order to ensure the highest quality GIS implementations, Panda Consulting has partnered with ESRI, the GIS Software leader, to bring you only the best in service, sales and training. 

Our Name

Our name has a great story behind it. After realizing that his tenure at the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation was coming to an end, our founder, Frank Conkling, was searching for a name for the consulting firm he was to create. He wanted the name to be easily identifiable and reflective of the things the company would represent, therefore, "FJC Consulting" or any other run of the mill GIS reference was out. 

Being a geographer by heart, he mentioned to his wife and son at dinner one night that he was thinking of naming his company "Pangaea Consulting." Pangaea being the name of the supercontinent that existed before the tectonic plates began their continental drift and the last time all of Earth's people were one. Since the new firm would be focused on bringing understanding to its clients and helping to utilize GIS technology to foster tolerance and equitable distribution of resources, Frank thought this name aptly conveyed the mission. 

Unfortunately, his wife and son thought otherwise. Sue correctly noted that few people would understand the meaning and the name is difficult to pronounce. Christopher, his son, more bluntly said the name was "stupid." As is the rule in their house, no one dismisses a suggestion without offering a better solution. Needless to say, it was a quiet dinner. 

However, by the end of dinner, Christopher's eyes lit up as he suggested "Panda Consulting." It was a stroke of genius! The name reflected our environmental awareness and concern regarding the endangered species; Pandas are distinct and different creatures and the firm sought to be distinct and different; it even worked as an acronym: "P"olygon "A"nd "N"etwork "D"ata "A"nalysts. 

Christopher, however, gave us the real reason why we should name the company Panda Consulting....he pointed out how much Frank looks like a Panda.

About Panda Consulting 

Panda Consulting (Panda) is a Professional Services Firm specializing in GIS that is located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We were created to provide our clients with new and creative ways to apply GIS technology in ways that empower them and the individuals within those organizations. 

Founded in 1998 by Frank J. Conkling, a licensed Surveyor and Mapper in the State of Florida and a licensed GIS Surveyor in South Carolina, Panda Consulting is an ESRI Business Partner and was awarded the ESRI New Business Partner of the Year award for 2000. With four full-time employees and several part-time employees, Panda maintains a small working force that is focused on developing and sharing with others the most efficient way to utilize GIS technology.

One hallmark of all Panda projects is our commitment to delivering more than a product; Panda will deliver a process, or system, allowing you to better understand how the project was approached, lessons learned during the project, and a full knowledge transfer of how the project might be enhanced in the future. 


Panda Consulting is privately owned and operated by Frank J. Conkling, a married man, and Sue R. Conkling, his wife. All remittance and inquiries should be sent to: 

Panda Consulting 
10238 Hunt Club Lane 
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

Phone: (561) 691-3277