Consulting Services

Panda Consulting provides complete consulting services for all our clients.  These services are delivered in many ways, including the Panda Parcel Fabric Forum, Virtual Panda services, System Implementation and Design, System Audit, Strategic Planning, and Data Audit and Review.

The Panda Parcel Fabric Forum

The Parcel Fabric is a radically different way to manage your land records and it helps to have help available every step of the way.  To aid with this help, Panda Consulting provides a bi-weekly Panda Parcel Fabric Forum during which we discuss the latest issues that participants have encountered, possible solutions to thous issues, new discoveries or insights and demonstrations of various techniques to help each of us succeed during this journey. 

To receive an invite, please contact us to begin sharing and learning through this community of users.

Data Audit and Review

Data creation and maintenance is one of the daily procedures that occurs at almost every site. Panda Consulting can apply a discerning eye towards your data and help you understand those areas that need to be updated, including the adoption of a new data model, or an upgrade to the skills of your mappers.

This is especially important if you are interested in moving towards the ESRI Parcel Fabric to maintain your Land Records. Unlike most parcel data models being used at this time, the Parcel Fabric stores data in a comprehensive data model especially tuned for maintaining all aspects of Land Records.  As such, Panda Consulting can audit your existing data and let you know what needs to be changed or upgraded prior to conversion to the your full adoption of the Parcel Fabric.

The data audit for conversion to the  Parcel Fabric includes reviewing the existing data structures and attribution, including identifying missing elements (polygons, lines and attributes) and various strategies for overcoming these deficiencies.

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System Implementation and Design

Key to the success of any information system is a well designed and implemented system. Panda Consulting can come to your site, review your existing computer hardware and software and develop a comprehensive strategic plan identifying those areas needing updating or revision and assign you in planning for these changes.

Some of the most interesting systems designs are beginning to use Web Maps, with and without having your own ArcGIS Server in house.

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