Panda Consulting was created to help others understand how to effectively use geospatial technology. A big part of how we accomplish this goal is through Training, which can occur on many levels and at many places. 

We have standardized multi-day training courses that can be produced at our facility or at your site. In addition, we have one day workshops that can take place at our facility or at your office. Finally, we have completely customized project oriented training during which we work with you one on one to develop procedures and complete a project using your data. 

The cost for training at your site is $2,000 per day, which includes the trainer, training materials for up to 12 students and all other expenses.

For more information or available dates, use the contact us page and we will help you decide which workshops are required and provide a formal quote. 

Parcel Fabric Training

Panda Consulting is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Parcel Fabric Training, both the ArcMap Parcel Fabric and the new ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric. The comprehensive three day training covers all aspects of the Parcel Fabric, including an intensive examination of the Parcel Fabric structure, the inter-dependencies of the sublayers, how the Parcel Fabric really works, what you need to do to make the transition and how to integrate the Parcel Fabric into your daily workflow 

What does the Parcel Fabric Training involve?

The three day Parcel Fabric Training covers the following main areas: 

Day One covers the fundamentals of the Parcel Fabric structure and its inner workings. During Day One we examine how the various components fit together and help to maintain information critical to Parcel Mapping. We will look at the points, lines, polygon and control sublayers and the ways in which we control the location and accuracy of the parcels. We also include a review of associated layers an applying least squares adjustments to the Parcel Fabric. 

Day Two examines your existing parcel data structure and we develop a Parcel Fabric design that can maintain your current information while taking advantage of the Parcel Fabric. We develop a staging geodatabase and process to convert your data and convert a portion of your data into this structure. By the end of Day Two, you will gain a good understanding of the transition process and be able to begin the conversion at your site.

Day Three delves into the daily workflow of using the Parcel Fabric for parcel maintenance. We review how to best implement a Parcel Fabric while continuing to maintain your existing systems serving maps to the general public and other Departments. We also review and perform parcel maintenance workflows using the Parcel Fabric maintenance tools.

How much does the Parcel Fabric Training cost?

We can bring the Parcel Fabric Training to your site for a total cost of $6,000*. This cost includes the full three days of training and books for up to 12 students. 

All you need to supply is the room, computers, projector, whiteboard and the students. We will provide the experience and knowledge to help you understand the Parcel Fabric and how to best use it. 

Note * Additional costs may be required to compensate for required travel and hotel expenses if the training is located further than 400 miles from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Contact us if you want additional information or want to schedule the training.